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Kennie Amaefule RN, MN, CRRN
Kennie Amaefule RN, MN, CRRN
Kennie (Ekene) A. Amaefule is a native of Nigeria. As a social activist, she is a tireless leader in nursing in the global community. To decrease water-borne diseases, she spearheaded funding for the drilling of a new well in eastern Nigeria. In celebration of the new well, Amafuele was crowned honorary chief Ugochinyere l, "An Eagle from Above." The governor of Imo State has recognized her contributions nationally.

Recently, she has purchased land and begun construction of a free medical clinic. This clinic will include a women's center where local women can learn to read and write and develop marketable skills. She often visits remote areas and villages to provide HIV/AIDS and health awareness education. She has established an education fund for the children in her native village in Nigeria. During this effort, she adopted twin Nigerian baby boys who had been abandoned.

Here in the States, Amaefule continues to exemplify the highest standards of humanitarian service by volunteering in her neighborhood school, church and workplace with emphasis on the homeless, chemical dependent and others in need. She is an active mentor and tutor to minority students.

Kennie Amaefule is a qualified Nurse Practitioner and has been in nursing practice for over ten years. She is currently the nurse manager of the Rehabilitation Inpatient Unit at the Puget Sound Veteran Administration Medical Center. She lives in Auburn, Washington State. To contact Kennie Amaefule, email her directly or visit the contact page for more information.